$WHALE NFT Mining — NFT meets DeFi

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Triton | WHALE
3 min readNov 16, 2020


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Over the last couple of weeks, the two most frequent questions that have been asked by many creators in the $WHALE server have been:

“How can I participate in the growth of the $WHALE Community?” and “How can I earn $WHALE?”

In addition to this, there has also been a growing call from the $WHALE Community for higher-end NFTs that they can purchase with $WHALE…

The solution?

Some of us might have heard of the concept of NFT mining where one can stake a specific NFT on a specific platform for a specific platform reward.

Introducing $WHALE NFT Mining where you can “stake” the NFTs that YOU create, on YOUR own contract, to earn MOAR $WHALE.

Effective immediately, we will be establishing a $WHALE NFT Mining Reward Pot of 2,000 $WHALE (US$ 5,000) per month that will be distributed among 10 $WHALE creators who create NFTs that are exclusively for sale, for $WHALE.

To be eligible, the creator must have a proven track record of lifetime revenues in excess of 25 ETH in their relevant area of expertise and will be selected by Team $WHALE.

Each term with the $WHALE NFT Mining will last for 3 months and can be extended based on popularity.

The Process:

1, NFT Creators design an edition based NFT exclusively for sale for $WHALE.

2, Creators can mint the NFTs personally, or minting can be done by Team $WHALE on the $WHALE contract.

3, Edition 1/x is donated to The Vault (0xe7079eec020ddfc3f1c0abe1d946c55e6ed30eb3)

4, Web address of the NFT must be submitted on the 28th of every month.

5, NFTs will be prominently displayed in the House of (M) Gallery in Cryptovoxels.

6, NFTs will receive exposure through the $WHALE Social Media channels.

7, At the end of the each month, the NFT Mining Reward Pot will be distributed based on the % of $WHALE earned by each creator.

8, Remaining unsold editions must remain priced in $WHALE for 3 months.

As is with everything that we do here at $WHALE, we look to ensure that every player in the value chain benefits.

Through $WHALE NFT Mining:

1, Creators and artists not only get the potential to earn $WHALE, but actually get a guaranteed cut of a signficant reward pot if they sell at least one NFT. No time wasted.

2, The $WHALE Vault continues to grow in value with the addition of NFT donations.

3, $WHALE Community Members have access to more valuable NFTs that they can purchase in $WHALE.

4, $WHALE holders benefit from the appreciation in price reflected by the increase in use case, new $WHALE users entering the space and the increase in valuation of The Vault.

Pending creator sign up and NFT minting, we would like to launch for the month of September with NFTs confirmed by August 29th.

To get in touch, join the $WHALE discord server @ discord.gg/whale

Virtuous cycle up, $WHALE up, WhaleShark out.



Triton | WHALE