$WHALE DAO Proposal Guide

An introduction and step-by-step guide to submitting a proposal

What is the $WHALE DAO?

Any autonomous organization with a decentralized governance and budgeting system can be called a “DAO”.

$WHALE is purposefully evolving into an entity with similar organizational management, governance, and budgeting characteristics. The roadmap provides for exploring the decentralized and autonomous path in progressive stages. And with some significant assets held by the $WHALE VAULT, it certainly makes good sense to proceed in this manner.

The $WHALE DAO was first outlined by WhaleShark in this article: https://whalecommunity.medium.com/the-whale-dao-e3f4dc736a5b.

Getting a DAO role:

Accessing the DAO roles on the WHALE server is accomplished by “staking” the required amount of $WHALE for the role of either DAO-WHALE or DAO-VOTER.

Find out details about the $WHALE roles and how to claim them here:

What matters can the $WHALE DAO vote on?

During the initial period (October 2020 — March 2021), the DAO could vote on these matters only:

1. $WHALE community governance (eg discord layout changes)
2. $WHALE budgeting governance (eg poker prize changes)

The second DAO period (running until end of 2021) introduces further scope:

3. Governance and management of the usage of ETH and other cryptocurrencies in The Vault (eg NFT purchases)
4. Governance and management of assets in The Vault (eg digital land sales)

Putting the management, growth and future of the project in the hands of dedicated, responsible long term community members has always been the goal and objective of $WHALE as I move from leader, to counsel, and eventually to a regular but participative $WHALE community member.

— WhaleShark

Submitting a proposal, overview

  1. Only those who hold a DAO-WHALE role can post an official proposal.
    Pre-proposal discussions are highly recommended before the final version of the proposal is crafted and made live.
  2. House stage: Members of the Hold-to-Play roles of Dolphin, Shark, and Whale may vote on the proposal, and they have from 24 to 72 hrs (as stipulated by the proposal itself) to register their votes. In order to pass onto the next stage, the proposal will need to have received a minimum of 100 votes total, and garnered 70% or more of those in the affirmative.
  3. Senate stage: DAO role holders may then vote on the proposal ( from 24 to 72 hours as stipulated in the proposal). And again, it requires reaching a 70% agreement or more, but this time with a minimum of 70% of the total DAO members having voted.
  4. Final stage: the last checks and balances from WhaleShark and Marketing & Strategy team.
  5. The proposal is enacted/effective

Submitting a proposal, details

Step 1a — Pre-proposal preparations

Signal your intent! Make a post to the $WHALE Discord channel #dao-pre-proposals and give the community a broad idea of your planned proposal. You want to AVOID rushing into your proposal without thinking it out clearly, or consulting the community. 🙂

Once your proposal is posted in the pre-proposal channel, be available to discuss it with anyone that wants to know more, or has a point of view to share, or some information not previously considered.

This channel will enable you to gather proposal feedback and important community contributions before officially going up for vote. Spend some time to communicate with other members and get an indication of the value and viability of your proposal from their perspective. Take as much time here at this step as you need.

Try to ensure that your proposal is widely talked about, or at least well known! You can do things such as running polls, tweeting, spreading memes, or writing an article to support your ideas.

Ensure that you are knowledgeable about the issues surrounding your proposal. Do your research, and share your findings — both the good and the bad. The less the community has to ‘work’ to find out about the details of your proposal, the better chance you will have of clearly demonstrating the merit of your idea.

Step 1b — Final version

Now you can craft the final version of the proposal, with all of the community feedback included (or not!).

Be sure to include relevant links to articles or even discord conversations. This pertinent information should remain easily accessible to anyone reading your proposal, as many of your voters will want to review these parts at the last minute, and some may in fact be discovering it for the first time and need easy access to the background information and discussions.

If you are a DAO-WHALE, you may now move ahead to step 2 to post your final proposal version to the #DAO-House. Otherwise, you will need to engage and persuade a DAO-WHALE to submit this proposal on your behalf.

Step 2 — House stage

The DAO-WHALE can post the proposal directly to the #DAO-House channel themselves. However, it is best to coordinate with a $WHALE administrator or moderator to ensure all of the necessary steps are followed.

The proposal post itself should include:

  • the proposal number
  • title
  • summary
  • introduction
  • reasoning, motivation, details, links
  • pro’s and con’s
  • if required, a notification about any rewards to be paid for a sponsored and executed proposal.
  • voting time period (anywhere from 24h to 72 hours)

Then to ‘activate’ the vote:

  • set the emoji’s in place for “yea” “nay” and “abstain” (unsure) votes
  • ‘ping’ the voting roles (to alert the community that a vote has become live)
  • set yourself a reminder to snapshot the voting at the expiry of the voting period.

At the conclusion of the voting period, the final vote tally will need to be screen-captured and posted, and an announcement made about the proposal either passing or failing, and the next step to occur.

Step 3 — Senate stage

If the proposal continues, the DAO-WHALE then re-posts the proposal to the #dao-senate channel — again remembering to set emojis, ping, include a voting time, and set a reminder to themselves to close the vote.

At the expiry of the voting time, the final vote tally will need to be screen-captured and posted, and an announcement made about the proposal either passing or failing, and the next step to occur.

Step 4 — Final stage

Now the proposal passes through the final checks and balances from WhaleShark and the Marketing & Strategy team before becoming enacted/effective!

Step 5 — Enacted/effective proposal — or not?

Congratulations, your proposal has succeeded. You may now need to work with the $WHALE team to bring the proposal to fruition, or simply wait for it to play out.

Any proposal that has failed at any stage may be refined and re-submitted in the following month for another try.

Final Tips:

  • Be an active community member! While it’s not a popularity contest, it does still help your proposal if the community has familiarity with your background, motivation, and interests.
  • Build a reputation. Start small, and let your small successes help build bigger success.
  • Be enthusiastic. Apparently, it catches!
  • Gather information for your proposal, and present the pros and cons. Not only should you know all about your proposal, but you should also help others to understand more too.
  • Be available (as much as possible) to discuss your proposal. Discuss it before it’s live, and gather community feedback. Be available while your proposal is live to answer last-minute questions.
  • Have a look at how previous proposals were made. Look for clues as to what made them either succeed or fail.
  • Plan and execute your proposal well to give it the best chance of success!

If you have further questions or need additional information, please do not hesitate to request assistance in the #SUPPORT channel on the $WHALE Discord server.


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