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ENCODE — Kaliban

Coming off their recent 24-million-dollar NFT auction, Sotheby’s aims to be the first auction house to sell NFTs from the esteemed $WHALE Vault.

Curated by Whaleshark, the popular anonymous NFT collector and founder of $WHALE, the $WHALE Vault (estimated value of approx. 56.7 million USD) holds some of the most rare and valuable NFTs from groundbreaking artists such as Pak, Brendan Dawes, XCOPY, Hackatao, 3LAU, and many more. …

Governance: The $WHALE DAO

This article is outdated, find the latest information here.

One of the many benefits of holding $WHALE is that you can stake your $WHALE to get a voice in the governance decisions!

Original $WHALE DAO introduction by WhaleShark:


Read through the whitepaper before deciding to purchase $WHALE.

Decentralized Exchange (D.Ex)

$WHALE can be exchanged on-chain (Ethereum) via:


Contract Address

⚠ You’ll need an ETH balance to trade/send $WHALE on Uniswap to pay for gas.

Centralized Exchanges (C.Ex)

$WHALE can trade for USDT or ETH on the following exchanges:

$WHALE token trading metrics:


How to buy $WHALE with Ethereum (ETH) on Uniswap using MetaMask:

Triton | $WHALE

The $WHALE Community Messenger.

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