Coming off their recent 24-million-dollar NFT auction, Sotheby’s aims to be the first auction house to sell NFTs from the esteemed $WHALE Vault.

Governance: The $WHALE DAO


  • Proposals may be for community improvements or initiatives, or to buy or sell items for or in the vault.
  • Find the…

Read through the whitepaper before deciding to purchase $WHALE.

Decentralized Exchange (D.Ex)

Centralized Exchanges (C.Ex)

$WHALE token trading metrics:

Help Guide

  • Overview of channels and bots,
    including collecting tips and airdrops and how to withdraw
  • How the wallets work
  • The benefits…

  1. WhaleShark and the $WHALE team and
  2. the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation “DAO” members.

BREEZY to develop curated experiences for $WHALE Vault assets

$WHALE is proud to announce a partnership with professional curator, Eleonora Brizi, founder of Breezy, to showcase the digital art assets found within $WHALE Vault.

$WHALE Vault Curated Experiences


Uniswap links and reward figures updated 28–08–21

$WHALE Liquidity Mining

Triton | $WHALE

$WHALE’s stentorian messenger.

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